Mount Sinai Anesthesiology Program

Mount Sinai’s Division of Anesthesiology specializes in the care of patients who require general, regional and/or monitored anesthesia care for surgical, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. These procedures include general surgery, neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, gynecologic and urologic surgery, head and neck surgery, reconstructive and plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging procedures. The Division also offers a comprehensive program of pain and symptom management for non-surgical patients, including those going through the physical and emotional ordeal of cancer. To help patients cope with what can be profound, ongoing pain, the Division offers medical therapy as well as diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Specific treatments may include medications, relaxation and stress management services and other techniques designed to relieve symptoms.

Division Specialties

  • Surgical anesthetics for a variety of procedures, from general surgery to intricate neurosurgery
  • Acute pain services for post-surgical patients
  • Critical pain services for emergency room patients
  • Long-term pain management for cancer patients and others suffering from chronic conditions
  • Pre-operative consultation for patients facing elective surgery or diagnostic procedures
  • Anesthesia for laboring mothers, including epidurals and pharmacological support
  • Pediatric anesthesia for younger patients undergoing surgery and other procedures



S. Howard Wittels, MD
Chief, Anesthesiology