Pre-Admission Testing

Your physician may have scheduled you for various tests such as MRI, CT scans or lab work prior to your admission. This allows your physician to have results completed before you are admitted to the hospital.

What to Bring and What Not to Bring

For your comfort, our staff suggests you bring a bathrobe, slippers and any personal grooming items you may require. In some cases, you may want to bring a small amount of money to purchase newspapers, magazines or any other comfort items you may require during the time you are in the hospital.

Mount Sinai Medical Center is not responsible for patient belongings. If you must carry items of value, contact your nurse, who will assist you in securing the items in the hospital safe upon being admitted. Please do not bring any medications from home as all forms of medication are monitored for interaction and will be ordered from our hospital pharmacy.

Identification Bracelet

For your safety, the hospital provides an identification bracelet that you must wear throughout your time in the hospital. This allows our staff to confirm your name, date of birth and other important information.

Notary Services

For assistance with notary services, please call Patient Relations at extension 52990 or (305) 674-2990, if you are calling from outside the hospital. Please note that notary services are not available at all times.