Mount Sinai Medical Center is committed to providing outstanding orthopaedic care using the latest minimally invasive surgical options. Over the last decade, our doctors have developed innovative techniques using smaller surgical incisions and specially developed instrumentation to reduce muscle and bone trauma. In addition to pioneering several minimally invasive procedures, Mount Sinai’s orthopaedic surgeons regularly train physicians from across the country, are active in research, and work with medical companies to refine surgical techniques and tools.

Doctors at Mount Sinai have developed techniques and instrumentation for minimally invasive hip replacements and hip surgery, often working through a 2 ½-inch incision. These techniques virtually eliminate the possibility of infection and significantly improve patient recovery time. Mount Sinai’s orthopaedic surgeons work with each individual patient to provide the best treatment options – ranging from innovative joint-sparing techniques to total joint replacement – to optimize their mobility and help them return to an active lifestyle.

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