Memory Screenings

For many years, Mount Sinai has provided the community with vital memory screenings for seniors, free of charge. While they are not used to diagnose a particular illness, these screenings are the first step in determining whether an individual has memory problems and they can indicate whether he or she may benefit from a more complete medical visit. The Wien Center invites you or a loved one to participate in a complimentary screening if you want to assess your memory and other thinking skills (or use this information for future comparison) or if you:

  • Confused sense of direction and time
  • Experience difficulty performing chores or using appliances and tools
  • Forget recent events or conversations
  • Forget names of friends or relatives
  • Have difficulty handling finances
  • Are frequently at a loss for words
  • Misplace possessions
  • Repeat questions
  • Show changes in mood and/or personality

If you are at least 50 years of age, call (305) 674-2037 to schedule a complimentary appointment. We provide services five days a week at our Miami Beach location. Memory screenings take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete. The results are sent in two to four weeks.

Mount Sinai Medical Center
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