Dental Care & Oral Surgery

The highly qualified dental professionals in the Dental Care and Oral Surgery Department at Mount Sinai Medical Center are dedicated to providing exceptional oral health care to their patients.

As members of the Mount Sinai medical staff, dentists and oral surgeons can work closely with the physicians of Mount Sinai’s medical staff, when necessary, to provide patients with comprehensive care that may require the involvement of several specialists. They also have access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for surgical procedures and urgent medical conditions.

The dental department at Mount Sinai is ready, willing and able to treat any dental condition be it complex or simple. The department provides care to all patients, including the entire family as well as for medically compromised individuals.

The oral surgeons specialize in advanced treatments including: dental implants, corrective jaw surgery, oral pathology and oral cancer screening, wisdom teeth extractions, Temporomadibular joint disorders (TMJ), and a wide spectrum of oral surgery services.


Andrew Hirschl, DDS
Chief, Division of Dentistry


Jeffrey Blum, DDS
Chief, Division of Oral Surgery