Center for Travel Medicine

The Center for Travel Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center provides travelers with protection from contracting diseases before they depart on their overseas journey. The physicians at the Center for Travel Medicine are committed to serving the global traveler with comprehensive care before and after a trip. The Center protects travelers from a host of diseases including malaria, hepatitis B, yellow fever, rabies, polio, diphtheria, typhoid, meningitis and the most common affliction, travelers’ diarrhea. In addition to inoculations, travelers receive a full range of other services.

  • Physician review of a traveler’s itinerary and health risks
  • A personalized health and safety report with information on risk of disease, political concerns and safety concerns for each country
  • United States embassy phone number for each country
  • Validated International Certificates of Vaccination
  • Post-travel care

Ideally travelers should allow two to four weeks to receive a complete review and all required inoculations. Prior to the first visit travelers should check the dates of past immunizations, including tetanus, hepatitis A and polio vaccines.

For more information about the Center for Travel Medicine or to schedule an appointment, call (305) 674-2766.