Radiology (Imaging) Services Overview

Radiology is a high-tech science with state-of-the-art equipment to aid in imaging every aspect of the body. Radiology uses radioactive substances, electromagnetic radiation, and sound waves to create images of the body, its organs, and structures. These images show how effectively the body and its internal organs and structures are functioning which is crucial for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment.

Radiology offers diagnostic and interventional radiology services.

Comprehensive Care in Two Locations

The Mount Sinai Department of Radiology offers a full spectrum of personalized and comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic imaging services in two locations: the main hospital campus on Miami Beach and the Aventura Outpatient Diagnostic Center across from Aventura Mall. Services can be provided late into the evening and on weekends. It is our practice to provide “same day, next day or name your day appointments” in order to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Click here for location and scheduling information.

Specialty Team of Radiologists

Mount Sinai offers the only on-site board certified radiology subspecialist team on Miami Beach. This high degree of training ensures that each patient will get the most accurate diagnosis. Professional interpretation of your study is vital to not only accurately diagnose your condition, but also to help plan any needed treatment. In addition, as a teaching hospital our faculty radiologists keep current on the latest imaging techniques which also helps to best determine your diagnosis.

Radiation Safety Provider

Mount Sinai outpatient imaging is a Radiation Safety Provider which means we have instituted safeguards to ensure the smallest amount of radiation dose exposure to patients undergoing testing. These safeguards include:

  • ensuring you receive the correct diagnostic study required for the suspect diagnosis,
  • using proper techniques and protocols to obtain the information needed with the least amount of exposure,
  • eliminating duplicative studies, and
  • maintaining previous imaging studies for reference.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

As a hospital-based provider of outpatient radiology services, we have invested in the highest quality technology. Mount Sinai diagnostic imaging uses the latest in digital imaging technology, including advanced systems such as high field 3T MRI, 64-Slice CT, PET/CT, digital x-ray, ultrasound, and bone densitometry. Mount Sinai has also added the SPECT/CT.

Secure Electronic Systems

The testing results are available electronically to your physician immediately upon dictation. Our radiologists also personally call your physician with any critical findings. Your imaging history is maintained in Mount Sinai’s secure electronic patient network that your physician can see from his/her computer. Electronic record storage also allows our radiologists to access your history with each new exam to detect changes in your condition. This can helps avoid unnecessary radiation exposure by eliminating duplicative studies that do not contribute to your diagnosis.

Hospital Quality Care and Services

Using hospital-based outpatient imaging services provides many benefits, including:

1. Quality results interpreted by board certified specialty trained radiologists
2. High quality state-of-the-art equipment
3. Advanced imaging, data storage, and communications technology
4. Comprehensive imaging modalities in one location
5. Secure patient history for reliable personalized results
6. Diagnostic and treatment coordination through one quality provider
7. Stable, reliable, accredited services
8. Flexible locations and flexible scheduling
9. Oversight of radiation safety practices

Imaging Services

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