Surgical Oncology

Patients battling cancer can rest assured that state-of-the-art surgical care is available from the oncology surgeons at Mount Sinai. From diagnosis to treatment, superb patient care is offered with personalized attention using the latest technological advances, including minimally invasive surgical techniques that are not only less painful, but also dramatically cut recovery time. In addition, the division’s ongoing research and clinical trials give patients access to cutting-edge treatments years before they become widely available. Indeed, the future of cancer care is already being offered at Mount Sinai.

Division Specialties

  • Advanced surgical care for patients with cancer of the breast, thyroid, head and neck, skin, liver and intestinal tract
  • Tumor diagnosis via biopsy, endoscopy and sentinel node staging
  • Specialists in minimally invasive surgical procedures, including laparoscopic surgery, as well as nonsurgical ablation, which involves the destruction of tumors through such methods as freezing, heat and radiofrequency
  • Active research department coupled with ongoing application of the latest surgical techniques in treating malignant tumors
  • A multidisciplinary team to coordinate the entire care of the cancer patient
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