The surgery department of Mount Sinai Medical Center has a longstanding focus on high quality, responsible surgical care with an emphsis on minimally invasive options as well as experienced open surgery in an ongoing effort to improve our patients' outcomes.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of elective and emergency clinical surgical care, to develop and innovate new techniques, to provide education to future surgeons through our residency program, and to educate surgeons in our community through continuing medical education.

Clinical Excellence

Nearly 13,000 surgical procedures are performed annually, half of them in the outpatient setting. Many of our reputable surgeons are national and international leaders in their respective fields.

Innovation and Development

Whether it is developing new techniques in laparoscopic surgery, innovation in Robotic Surgery, new methods of joint replacement, revolutionary techniques in cardiac and vascular surgery or cutting eduge advances in spine and neurosurgical procedures, our physicians are always researching new ways to perform surgery with the least trauma and pain for our patients.


Because of the quality of our surgical attendings, the unique and vibrant nature of the South Florida region, and the vast clinical experience offered, our residency program attracts medical students from a wide geographic national and international area. Annually increasing numbers of applicants have allowed us to be very selective in our choice of incoming house staff.

We offer a Visiting Observer Program which seeks to provide an observational experience in new concepts of minimally invasive surgery.

Our relationship with several universities, including Florida International University, allows us to include teaching of medical students and paraprofessionals in our surgical curriculum and thus holds us to a higher standard of academic performance.


At Mount Sinai Medical Center, our goal is to have quality programs which are held to the highest of standards, measured by outcomes and submitted to strict peer review. Divisions within the department include:



Stephen Unger, MD
Chair of the Department of Surgery

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